Ladies Of Leisure

The blog isn't dead and updates will, EVENTUALLY, become more frequent. This is an absolute promise. Life has been fairly absurd these past few months and it continues. I'm currently laying on my front in some kind of Sex in the City blog writing pose as my leg has been numb from sciatica a few days now and sitting up causes me searing pain. I was greedy in the gym after (again) reaching my PR strength wise and went on to do a drop set... stupid, stupid shit.

Back to the jams though,  this album is really good and it does surprise me it's continued to fly under the radar as it has. The first song is just doomy perfection in my mind, Sabbathian plods, hypnotic but catchy vocals and a good sense of fuzzing out in general. Ladies of Leisure have that funny thing going on where they seem to exist in that ambiguous space between Metal and Hard Rock. The entire record has a really fun sense of melody and rock'n'roll which I always like. I'd say it's almost like a more Doom Metal orientated Stoner Rock album. Worth your ear chap/ettes, 


Blind Authority

Updates will become more regular once I start thinking about this like a work e-mail. Bish bash bosh. So to start this new approach we have Blind Authority.

I spent about 3 months listening to this record everyday in the car on the way to work. I mean, it's got that catchy grind vibe Terrorizer had, it's got that NY cro-magian swagger shit, it's got dem slow Harmony Corrption type riffs and enough speedy power violence moments to keep all happy. I'm genuinely a big fan of this record. Just 17 minutes of meaty riffs and a fistful of bollocks mate. Sick intro...

EDIT: They also sometimes finish off their set with a banging cover the below;



You know how every single band that does the Electric Wizard thing, does the slow big riff bit of Electric Wizard? Well one band actually thought.. fuck this, and instead did an entire album of 'Barbarian' type songs instead. My only complaint about this record is the drums (you'll know what I mean when you hear it) and even then I just overlook it, which - trust me, isn't usually the case. The album is just great from start to finish, but I think the solos are particularly awesome too.

This was originally just released digitally by the band. Totem Cat Records in 2013 issued three hundred copies on CD, but have just put this release on double LP (to pre-order!). I'm a bit of a fan of the label, as is Elder's Nick DiSalvo who was wearing one of the Spirit Caravan tribute design t-shirts when they played London! Though you can't see it in the picture.. ahahaha, but there you go anyway.

"Smoke weed, snort coke, get drunk, chase dope, fuck sluts, take drugs, hate everyone...

A life of scum..."


2010 - Stonehelm

1. Hyborian Tale (5:34)
2. Towers Of Black (5:26)
3. Vault Dweller 13 (7:15)
4. Zombie Apocalypse 420 (6:18)
5. Scumbag (5:25)
6. Acid Blur (Green Tab) (10:44)
7. Deep Space Doom (5:21)
8. So High We Hail (Lord In Green) (8:43)



Red Mess.

One of my distant relatives (from what I know probably 4/5 generations back) happens to play in a Doom Metal band. I don't even know this guy - he's still in the 'old country' as the yanks say. I just happened to be searching my pretty damn distinctive surname on Facebook low and behold.. dude happens to be in a pretty awesome Doom band. We have talked though and a Doom orientated family reunion is definitely on the cards. 



Mojo, Heavy Nuggets Compilations.

These were passed onto me by my Father, an irregular MOJO magazine reader. However, he was nice enough to do me a great kindness and slowly accumulated the below set of compilations! They all feature what we would consider to be proto-metal. I thought the tribute artwork for the later editions also were very tasteful. There are some familiar acts feature (namely Pentagram!) but each one of these really do feature some genuine heavy nuggets. But why spoil the fun? Take a listen for your own damn selves...  

2007 - Heavy Nuggets

1. Terry Reid - Tinker Taylor (2:50)
2. The Pretty Things - Old Man Going (3:03)
3. The Open Mind - Magic Potion (3:22)
4. Mighty Baby - Egyptian Tomb (5:25)
5. Second Hand - Rhubarb! (3:42)
6. Leaf Hound - Freelance Fiend (3:07)
7. Atomic Rooster - Night Living (3:36)
8. The Move - Don't Make My Baby Blue (6:02)
9. Slade - My Life Is Natural (3:15)
10. Possessed - Climb The Wooden Hills (2:28)
11. Procol Harum - Long Gone Geek (3:07)
12. Blossom Toes - Peace Loving Man (4:52)
13. Luv Machine - Witches Wand (2:41)
14. Pete Brown & Piblokto! - Aeroplane Head Woman (6:36)
15. Warhorse - Solitude (8:45)

2013 - Heavy Nuggets, Vol. 2

1. Bullet - Jay Time (2:51)
2. Freedom - Nobody (3:52)
3. Incredible Hog - Lame (3:07)
4. Blossom Toes - Listen To The Silence (4:49)
5. The Pretty Things - Cries From The Midnight Circus (6:24)
6. Possessed - Thunder & Lightning (2:54)
7. Mighty Baby - Same Way From The Sun (5:37)
8. The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Long Haired Music (5:03)
9. The Human Beast - Brush With The Midnight Butterfly (5:17)
10. Twink - Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box (3:23)
11. The Open Mind - I Feel The Same Way Too (4:59)
12. Tractor - King Dick II (3:14)
13. Family - Strange Band (3:12)
14. Dragonfly - Enjoy Yourself (3:23)
15. Jerusalem - Frustration (5:15)

2014 - Heavy Nuggets, Vol. 3

1. Atomic Rooster - Sleeping For Years (5:25)
2. Bang - Keep On (3:36)
3. Freedom - Going Down (4:42)
4. Pentagram - Little Games (2:54)
5. Josefus - Situation (1:53)
6. Morgen - Welcome To The Void (4:44)
7. Rog & Pip - Why Won't You Do What I Want (2:43)
8. Morly Grey - Peace Officer (5:45)
9. Cain - Born Of The Wind (3:09)
10. Bullet - The Orchestrator (3:22)
11. Air - Twelve O'Clock Satanial (3:20)
12. Crow - Evil Woman (3:08)
13. Heavy Jelly - Bio Blues (5:03)
14. Ancient Grease - Freedom Train (4:00)
15. Medusa - Transient Amplitude (9:18)


Desertfest 2015.

For a number of reasons, I didn't really see many of the bands at Deserfest this year - but so it goes. My festival itinerary;

Friday: Red Fang, Orange Goblin, The Atomic Bitchwax, Floor

Saturday: Eyehategod, Brant Bjork, Black Pyramid

Sunday: Sleep, UFOmammut, Acid King
None of the merchandise seemed to take my fancy this year. But to be honest, if you see how few bands I actually ended up seeing, perhaps that makes perfect sense. Highlights wise? I'll just do a little video summary;

Orange Goblin - The Big Black.

Eyehategod - Dixie Whiskey.

Sleep - Dragonaut.

Have to mention it was absolutely beautiful seeing huge swaths of the crowd enjoying Eyehategod playing most of Dopesick, their seminal album in my mind.

And just for the fuck of it, Electric Wizard @ The Roundhouse some weeks later.