EDIT: Just reposting to give this more exposure!

How these guys have remained unnoticed for so long I honestly cannot fathom. Considering you've got labels like Nuclear Blast picking up both Witchcraft and Graveyard, you'd of thought there would of been some interest around an emerging band as quality as this one.

Anyway.. there is essentially no information on this band to be found apart from their stated Russian origin. This is at it's simplest hard rock with a large dose of that proto-Metal flavour (Deep Purple, Leaf Hound, etc). The vocalist might not be to everyone's taste but has a truly powerful range and an undeniable character. The music is catchy (the 2nd song especially) and the musicianship doesn't let you down. Astral Doom demands a full length!

2011 - 101 [Demo/EP]


The S.I.G.I.T.

The ambiguity of hard rock means that plenty of bands we'd perhaops fancy end up going under the radar. This is always particularly the case if they don't show up in the more well trodden paths bands take with similar sounds. Though in the case of The S.I.G.I.T. (The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent) there are perhaps a few reasons for this. Primarily however it seems to be the fact their Indonesian and have also been picked up by a big independent label in the country which seems to be pushing them towards a more mainstream audience ala Wolfmother. 

Anyway, check the teaser and see if you like it.. I thought the album was pretty strong. 

2013 - Detourn

1. Detourn (3:35)
2. Let The Right One In (2:19)
3. Son Of Sam (3:01)
4. Gate Of 15th (2:51)
5. Tired Eyes (4:57)
6. Owl And Wolf (5:12)
7. Black Summer (3:48)
8. Red Summer (3:48)
9. Ring Of Fire (4:31)
10. Cognition (3:48)
11. Conundrum (6:18)


Windhand - Orchard.

This album is going to be SWEET.


Dirt Merchant.

Still rough around the edges but displaying much promise and growth from their demo, Dirt Merchant (Richmond, USA) offer energetic, fast and riff based rock 'n' roll. This marriage of post-amplification blues with Lemmy-esque vocals feels just right. I have a thing for simple choruses.. they're sing along, they often display wit and character and you know for sure this isn't some pretentious GY!BE bullshit that you're dealing with (genuinely not hating, just making my point). Dirt Merchant serve up my aforementioned 'likes' with plenty of fuzz and balls.   

Definitely one of those bands which really are intended to be enjoyed with a cold beverage under the molten glare of the sun. 

2013 - Wolves In Apeskin [EP]



Though perhaps quite a familiar name for those in North England, Moloch are still relatively unheard of considering they represent some of the best Sludge the British Isles have to offer. One of the Moloch dudes also runs the fantastic and essential 'Feast of Tentacles' label/distro. News is they've got a spilt coming with Meth Drinker which I expect will make Zero Dark Thirty's depiction of torture seem like Sesame St.

This is all freely available so chuck a in quid or two!

2008 - Moloch

2011 - Posession