You know how every single band that does the Electric Wizard thing, does the slow big riff bit of Electric Wizard? Well one band actually thought.. fuck this, and instead did an entire album of 'Barbarian' type songs instead. My only complaint about this record is the drums (you'll know what I mean when you hear it) and even then I just overlook it, which - trust me, isn't usually the case. The album is just great from start to finish, but I think the solos are particularly awesome too.

This was originally just released digitally by the band. Totem Cat Records in 2013 issued three hundred copies on CD, but have just put this release on double LP (to pre-order!). I'm a bit of a fan of the label, as is Elder's Nick DiSalvo who was wearing one of the Spirit Caravan tribute design t-shirts when they played London! Though you can't see it in the picture.. ahahaha, but there you go anyway.

"Smoke weed, snort coke, get drunk, chase dope, fuck sluts, take drugs, hate everyone...

A life of scum..."


2010 - Stonehelm

1. Hyborian Tale (5:34)
2. Towers Of Black (5:26)
3. Vault Dweller 13 (7:15)
4. Zombie Apocalypse 420 (6:18)
5. Scumbag (5:25)
6. Acid Blur (Green Tab) (10:44)
7. Deep Space Doom (5:21)
8. So High We Hail (Lord In Green) (8:43)