Bong Breaker.

A strong offering from some dudes in Holland. This post isn't down to a new discovery on my part, rather it has more to do with them having their first full-length coming out soon. So it is only logical to share what I thought was quite a strong demo. I don't think there is anything too fresh or different going on but the execution is delightful, a particularly essential component when dealing with long song lengths.  

2012 - Bong Breaker [Demo]


Temple Of Europa.

Big riff, hypnotic vox doom from Santa Cruz, California. I thought it was pretty good. EDIT: Just slipped in some artwork from the band's Facebook page. I also wanted talk about this demo a little more as I've found myself listening to it quite often.  

As expected from a demo offering everything is still little raw around the edges. Does this rawness enhance the vibe and quality of the songs? Unfortunately, I can't say that they do. However, present in addition to this raw quality on the demo is every element on this demo to put out a leading (y'know, well known release of the year) doom album in the near future. I have my fingers crossed for this band.

2012 - Demo



My awakening to Revelation was, admittedly, rather late on. Thirteen years had past since their last album until 2008, when 'Release', my first encounter of their music came out on Leaf Hound records. This was around the time I started madly scouring the web for Hellhound releases and slowly but surely investigating the whole Baltimore scene. Anyway, it was only about 2010 that with the balancing act of life that I sought out 'Salvation's Answer'. I was blown away, the buzzsaw guitar tone, the socially concious lyrics and that melange of doom, thrash and even death metal at times was absolutely astounding. The song writing has an undoubtedly timeless quality about it. For me this exists as a forgotten classic, I can only urge you listen and enjoy. 

Revelations entire back catalogue is free to download over at the bands own label website, Bland Hand Records. Nice quote on the page too; "I don't want to sell my music. I'd like to give it away because where I got it, you didn't have to pay for it." - Captain Beefheart. 

1991 - Salvation's Answer

1. Lost Innocence (6:25)
2. Salvation's Answer (8:24)
3. Infinate Nothingness (4:54)
4. Paradox (3:04)
5. Images Of Darkness (6:50)
6. Long After Midnight (5:16)
7. Poets And Paupers (5:20)
8. Waiting For... The End (6:33)



Serpent Throne - Brother Lucifer.

These are actually some of the guys behind that Pentagram 'Last Days Here' doc. They play instrumental doom with a definite focus on guitar leads and melodies which call to mind Scorpions, Deep Purple and Thin Lizzy. This is the title track for their forthcoming album, I expect heavy rotation.

EDIT: Full album streaming below. Enjoy!


Belzebong - Dungeon Vultures.

New song from the boys from Poland. Shame this is merely a teaser, the real thing is 14 minutes long! I'll get my chance to see them later this year, so maybe I'll hear it all then. EDIT: The complete version of the song is available to stream here


HMELU Presents Dopesmoker.

Calvin Armstrong (cello), Brian Courage (bass), and Kelson Zbichorski (drums) from the Heavy Metal Ensemble of Lawrence University performed Sleep's Dopesmoker on June 2nd, 2012, in the Lawrence University Memorial Chapel.

I don't know why and I don't really care. This is awesome.