First things first, Demon Head, who I'd been quite tough on some weeks back, just released a new song along with a re-recording of my favourite song off their demo. Along with giving themselves even more of their own sound.. they come off in parts like a mixture of Internal Void and early Pentagram. Utterly delicious. 

Second, ASTRAL DOOM actually have a give-away! If you're after some hateful misanthropic sludge, you can win a free Grey Widow download. First person to hit me up on the Facebook page claims it! But only bother if you feeling the jams people. They'll be touring the UK w/ Cult of Occult later this year! Details here and a heads up, the London show will be completely FREE! So no fucking excuses brothers and sisters.

Last, but definitely not least, is Reclvse. From the land of the world's biggest LSD factory we have some downbeat doom. The demo sound itself is pretty rough but the music itself I'd say is very highly articulated. They remind me of Marble Chariot who I also really like. I'll be quite honest and say I'm not particularly acquainted with this side of doom, although I'm probably just being a moron as they have more to do with Revelation and Warning then something like Draconian. But anyway, the songs are crafted way beyond the quality of the sound and you can imagine (or at least I can), with the right collection of songs and production you've easily got yourself another Doom Metal album in the end of year lists in assorted Metal publications. The vocals also also have this strange chant quality to them which is entirely hypnotising. Hopefully they play Desertfest or something soon!

2014 - Reclvse [Demo]