Yeah. You could listen to the new Electric Wizard... or you could listen to this.

See what I'm saying?



Yeah, I've been slacking on here really. Deal with it. Anyway.. I've never been madly into doom death but every so often something catches my ear. It's just started to get cold where I live now so it seems appropriate. Heavy as fuck but that kinda of weird Allman Brothers twang to it.. like melodically. The brightness in the notes...? Does that even make sense? That is what I mean anyway. The music rolls with a lethargic churn with those bright melodies - all alongside harsh dm vox. The last track is my particular highlight.

You are able to download each track for free - I have checked with the band, that is cool. They've just got the $7 as... inspiration for anyone who wants to chuck in a dime.



Desert Suns.

So, I'm starting a new job on Monday. Though here nothing will change - I will be slow, but relentless! Otherwise, I'm delighted to point you towards another release that really captured my speakers these last few days; Desert Suns by er, Desert Suns. They are definitely Stoner Rock.. but much alike Kyuss also features subterranean rumblings, though arguably, not always Sabbathian in nature! 

The album is quite brief.. perhaps a track or two short in my humble opinion. But that's only because I wanted more! It's hard to exactly pinpoint what this band does that tickles me. But if you aren't going to even check out the tracks with that bomb artwork then more fool you man. Mmmmm riffs. 


Crobot UK Tour.

First ever UK Tour for Crobot! and from the jams above you can tell it won't be long until they've entered the general conciousness of you fellow boogie rockers. Dates below!


Sep 23 - Coventry, United Kingdom - Coventry Kasbah.
Sep 24 - London, United Kingdom - London XOYO.
Sep 26 - Glasgow, United Kingdom - O2 ABC Glasgow 2.



I'm having trouble keeping up with all the new releases at the moment, literally overwhelming. Glad Electric Wizard seem to have gotten their shit together again finally though. But in particular pleased Valkyrie have been signed by Relapse (along with new album!). This -should- mean they tour Europe which would be amazing.

But back to business and just out of the blue - only released a few days ago, is Громкость by MØR. No idea what this means, so feel free to enlighten me. The music kinda falls more in the hard rock side of things, but has enough other bits and bobs going on.. kraut rock moments, sabbathian plods and I guess what you could call some sludge influence. The final track is also easily one of the best EyeHateGod covers I've heard in a very long time too. They definitely sound very mature musically, just the ideas with the execution. That perfect balance between heavy riff and bluesy lead. In fact, my only complaint is that it feels I'm only listening to half an album - it's all over too soon!



The jams might seem like your standard sludge fair, but please acknowledge the uninhibited level of groove shown in these two tracks! I have a soft spot for Toke though and it happens to be a regional thing. Toke hail from North Carolina, home of the mighty and legendary Buzzov-en. Like some other NC brethren Weedeater, Toke have also sought to honour this heritage in their sound. Recognize.

2014 - Demo



First things first, Demon Head, who I'd been quite tough on some weeks back, just released a new song along with a re-recording of my favourite song off their demo. Along with giving themselves even more of their own sound.. they come off in parts like a mixture of Internal Void and early Pentagram. Utterly delicious. 

Second, ASTRAL DOOM actually have a give-away! If you're after some hateful misanthropic sludge, you can win a free Grey Widow download. First person to hit me up on the Facebook page claims it! But only bother if you feeling the jams people. They'll be touring the UK w/ Cult of Occult later this year! Details here and a heads up, the London show will be completely FREE! So no fucking excuses brothers and sisters.

Last, but definitely not least, is Reclvse. From the land of the world's biggest LSD factory we have some downbeat doom. The demo sound itself is pretty rough but the music itself I'd say is very highly articulated. They remind me of Marble Chariot who I also really like. I'll be quite honest and say I'm not particularly acquainted with this side of doom, although I'm probably just being a moron as they have more to do with Revelation and Warning then something like Draconian. But anyway, the songs are crafted way beyond the quality of the sound and you can imagine (or at least I can), with the right collection of songs and production you've easily got yourself another Doom Metal album in the end of year lists in assorted Metal publications. The vocals also also have this strange chant quality to them which is entirely hypnotising. Hopefully they play Desertfest or something soon!

2014 - Reclvse [Demo]


Desertfest London 2014.

My festival itinerary;

Friday: Spirit Caravan, Horisont, Ed Mundell's UEMG, Sixty Watt Shaman, Sasquatch, Borracho, Monkey 3, Wino (Acoustic)

Saturday: Kvelertak, The Body, Weedeater, 11Paranoias, Samasara Blues Experiment, The Witches Drum, Slabdragger

Sunday: Boris, Church Of Misery, Elder, Radio Moscow, Lonely Kamel, War Wolf

So unlike last year I actually had some money and so treated myself to the selection of goodies you see above! Friday was very awesome, apart from having the miss some of the earlier bands due to an obligation beyond my control. I did however manage to catch some of the Wino acoustic set and get some shit signed! You can see Wino has clearly got beef with Gary Isom as he's given him a Hitler stache and some funky eyebrows to go with it on the promo sheet thing. All harmless really.. I hope.

 My little selection of videos from Friday;

Sixty Watt Shaman
Spirit Caravan

Saturday started off strong, with Slabdragger in the early afternoon. At the end of their set we (me and the better half) popped over to check out The Witches Drum. I had scoped them out briefly prior, but I never expected the rather mental performance or the quality of the heavy boogie tunes. It also happened to be their last ever gig, which is a definite shame.

Weedeater was without doubt my Saturday highlight. They also played both my favourite songs, Monkey Junction and Wanted. It was really nice to know I'm not the only person who knows the lyrics to both those songs man!! And of course, Wino joining them on-stage to cover Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gimme Back My Bullets was pretty awesome.

Sunday was the dominant cause of my on-going whiplash. I mentioned last year you should never miss a chance to catch Elder live. True to my word I made sure I saw them twice, check out a little clip here and A NEW SONG they played! It was also the first time I'd had the chance to see Church Of Misery since their new album came out. Those guys are living legends, it was the 5th time I've seen them and they're always so good. It's even a little silly. That's all (for now) folks!





First of all, cheers for bearing with the undeclared hiatus. Not that you could do anything about it anyway... but thank you all the same. I'm back for good, if more infrequently than before. Desertfest London begins tomorrow, so expect some photos/thoughts on that sooner rather than later. In other news Shadow Kingdom Records will be re-issuing Salvation's Answer by Revelation at the end of April, I've always considered it a classic and so should you!! Finally, I'd check out the new 12" spilt between "primitive Doom Metal" acts Atomic Cries and Horse Latitudes out now on Doomentia Records.

Today I present Deep. Three piece from Finland playing raw traditional doom that just drips authenticity from the riffs and melancholy leads. It does simple things very well and again.. another band with particular potential I feel. Best enjoyed in isolation.

PS. Shout out to Fabian and the engineering office of Derby Cycle!


Demon Head.

I'm not completely smitten with this release. It's a little dull in places.. and lacks a tiny bit of direction at moments. However, the self-titled song is particularly good - you fill up an album with 8 or 9 tracks of that quality and it will be on rotation for years to come. Demon Head are, sorta, doing an up-beat Witchcraft kind of thing. It definitely has more identity than saying that would suggest, but it does give you quite a good idea of the music.

Demon Head actually have a great chance of releasing something I'd genuinely consider to be an all time classic. The demo gives you get a real feel for the potential. But, similarly, with it being a demo not everything is completely there yet. I'm only being this harsh because I genuinely sense far greater things are to come from this Copenhagen bunch.

2014 - Demo


Sun Shepherd.

Unfortunately, life has gotten way of updates recently. But on the music front I’m waiting for shiny new albums from The Wizar’d and Demon Eye to come through my door. Similarly, I was able to enjoy some live action from Lowrider and Dozer just a few days back. So whilst I have neglected my AD duties I made sure I got my fix. I ain’t no fool.

Anyway, considering it’s been so long since a proper update, I’m quite spoiled for choice in what I’d like to share. In the end, I settled on going back down under for a slab of modern yet traditionally rooted Doom Metal. Originally released back in 2011 but now presented to us with a bonus track and new artwork is Sun Shepherd’s ‘Procession of Trampling Hoof’. I won’t say much more, but they’ve definitely done pretty well in their aim of trying to capture some tectonic-plate heaviness. Enjoy.

2014 - Procession of Trampling Hoof


Astral Doom is a year old today.

Thanks to each and all of you.

My intention with Astral Doom was never to be a resource of spectacular quality such as The Obelisk, Sludgelord or Paranoid Hitsophrenic (familiarize yourself). Rather, I wanted to resemble all the independent blogs that existed prior to the powers that be crushed them with DMCA violations and sought to undermine the prominence of the one-click download provider. I discovered some of my favourite bands by wandering upon suggestions and contributions from the community of heavy music fans that exist online. It remains a genuine sadness that many sites and forums I once participated in remain no longer. I’d like to think Astral Doom has been a part of someone else’s journey. I still remember being 14, ten long years ago now, walking home from school with Come My Fanatics destroying my earphones. The authenticity of expression, the organic weight inherent to the music, as well as the words which showered disdain on the existing societal structures of man – these all spoke to me. I only hope it speaks to you now.



Souls at Zero by Neurosis remains one of my favourite albums of all time. I do hear similar ideas touched and investigated in Come Abuse, who borrow from the aforementioned classic. However, Ignominy have a much greater sense of abandon in their writing. Most of it follows a well trodden path, but the disharmonic nature of some of the riffs and melodies used lets it feel very fresh. The band are considerably closer to playing something akin to experimental hardcore then 'post-metal' as a result. In that sense, it does remind me of an aggressive, modern, re-rendering of the first Killing Joke album. Have a listen on the stream below or DOWNLOAD HERE.

If you're into something slightly more hypnotic and drone orientated, Dying Sun just put out their new album, Transcendence. Band member Dan also decided to share his lucky used book store find below. Yes, I am jealous!!

2014 - Come Abuse