Desertfest London 2014.

My festival itinerary;

Friday: Spirit Caravan, Horisont, Ed Mundell's UEMG, Sixty Watt Shaman, Sasquatch, Borracho, Monkey 3, Wino (Acoustic)

Saturday: Kvelertak, The Body, Weedeater, 11Paranoias, Samasara Blues Experiment, The Witches Drum, Slabdragger

Sunday: Boris, Church Of Misery, Elder, Radio Moscow, Lonely Kamel, War Wolf

So unlike last year I actually had some money and so treated myself to the selection of goodies you see above! Friday was very awesome, apart from having the miss some of the earlier bands due to an obligation beyond my control. I did however manage to catch some of the Wino acoustic set and get some shit signed! You can see Wino has clearly got beef with Gary Isom as he's given him a Hitler stache and some funky eyebrows to go with it on the promo sheet thing. All harmless really.. I hope.

 My little selection of videos from Friday;

Sixty Watt Shaman
Spirit Caravan

Saturday started off strong, with Slabdragger in the early afternoon. At the end of their set we (me and the better half) popped over to check out The Witches Drum. I had scoped them out briefly prior, but I never expected the rather mental performance or the quality of the heavy boogie tunes. It also happened to be their last ever gig, which is a definite shame.

Weedeater was without doubt my Saturday highlight. They also played both my favourite songs, Monkey Junction and Wanted. It was really nice to know I'm not the only person who knows the lyrics to both those songs man!! And of course, Wino joining them on-stage to cover Lynyrd Skynyrd's Gimme Back My Bullets was pretty awesome.

Sunday was the dominant cause of my on-going whiplash. I mentioned last year you should never miss a chance to catch Elder live. True to my word I made sure I saw them twice, check out a little clip here and A NEW SONG they played! It was also the first time I'd had the chance to see Church Of Misery since their new album came out. Those guys are living legends, it was the 5th time I've seen them and they're always so good. It's even a little silly. That's all (for now) folks!



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