Astral Doom is a year old today.

Thanks to each and all of you.

My intention with Astral Doom was never to be a resource of spectacular quality such as The Obelisk, Sludgelord or Paranoid Hitsophrenic (familiarize yourself). Rather, I wanted to resemble all the independent blogs that existed prior to the powers that be crushed them with DMCA violations and sought to undermine the prominence of the one-click download provider. I discovered some of my favourite bands by wandering upon suggestions and contributions from the community of heavy music fans that exist online. It remains a genuine sadness that many sites and forums I once participated in remain no longer. I’d like to think Astral Doom has been a part of someone else’s journey. I still remember being 14, ten long years ago now, walking home from school with Come My Fanatics destroying my earphones. The authenticity of expression, the organic weight inherent to the music, as well as the words which showered disdain on the existing societal structures of man – these all spoke to me. I only hope it speaks to you now.



Souls at Zero by Neurosis remains one of my favourite albums of all time. I do hear similar ideas touched and investigated in Come Abuse, who borrow from the aforementioned classic. However, Ignominy have a much greater sense of abandon in their writing. Most of it follows a well trodden path, but the disharmonic nature of some of the riffs and melodies used lets it feel very fresh. The band are considerably closer to playing something akin to experimental hardcore then 'post-metal' as a result. In that sense, it does remind me of an aggressive, modern, re-rendering of the first Killing Joke album. Have a listen on the stream below or DOWNLOAD HERE.

If you're into something slightly more hypnotic and drone orientated, Dying Sun just put out their new album, Transcendence. Band member Dan also decided to share his lucky used book store find below. Yes, I am jealous!!

2014 - Come Abuse