This actually came out last year... but I imagine apart from those keeping up with the Spanish scene most would have missed it (you all know Moho and Monkeypriest at least though, right?). Anyway, there is quite rather difficult mixtures of styles in play here... quite trippy, psychedelic moments but all set against the kind of mid-paced 'doomy' moments you'd expect from Celtic Frost. These musical shifts keep the long songs feeling fresh and are definitely enhanced by the production on this release, the bass just feels absolutely thunderous, the drum symbols are crunchy and the guitars are given a suitable level of clarity. 

The amount of quality releases popping up for free on Bandcamp is literally ridiculous.   

2012 - Cabeza De Vaca


Marble Chariot.

I'm wanting to keep at least a weekly presence with new posts. I am, however, still withholding from posting everything I'd like to share all at once just to guarantee that I always have something cool to put you people on. There is so much good free music these days... sometimes it feels almost unfair not to acknowledge it all. But my intention here is only to please my tastes and to highlight those artistic endeavours I can personally connect to and genuinely enjoy thoroughly.

Anyway, this post is about 'Marble Chariot' from Bordeaux, France. They play a melancholy style of Traditional Doom Metal, thematically similar to Pallbearer yet distinctly different musically. For a first release I thought it revealed a sophisticated  level of song writing. You are given time to enjoy musicianship and let the vocals hook you into the vibe and melody of the songs. If a full length album is on the way, expect something monolithic. They've already shown a lot more than potential.  

2013 - The Burden Is So Heavy... [EP]



Almost a week late on this one. In fairness however I only got round to signing up a Bandcamp fan account yesterday and only caught sight of this then. Tentacle, a side-project of the relentless Ice Dragon dudes, is finally out with an LP length release. I really dug their Void Abyss EP from last year and although I've only just given the new release a quick stream on Bandcamp it already sounds even better.

Tentacle play with an otherworldly dirge, wailing vocals and subtle Sabbathian-plod melodies. I just imagine this is exactly what those reptilian space aliens that David Icke is always on about would listen to, maybe not on Earth, but definitely on a spaceship. In all seriousness though, to me, they've tapped into quite a unique vibe with this project so give it your time and possibly your money!

2012 - Void Abyss [EP]

2013 - Ingot Eye


Animal Machine.

Three-piece band from Mexico who play (their words) 'Stoner Rock'.. though I'd certainly put them in the Metal category. The riffs are all the heavy, left to breathe moments you would find in Kyuss. The vocals really work for me too, a tuneful shout, all in Spanish.

2012 - Animal Machine [EP]


Ocean Chief Documentary.

Nice little documentary on Swedish doom metal band, Ocean Chief. Suggested for those who like huge riffs but never before their due. New album out this year, written and recorded with two new members in the band. Hope they reach England's shores one day!


Magic Circle.

EDIT (17/11/13): Still easily one of my favourite releases of the year. Everything I said before still stands - this is an outstanding Traditional Doom album with touches of NWOBHM melody. It took me quite a while to actually find out where you can buy this album, but fortunately, it is available via Armageddon Shop. An internet presence is still nonexistent but it is known they're all from a bunch of Boston Hardcore bands.

For some real reviews I point you towards the following; The Obelisk and Roadburn.

2013 - Magic Circle

My two copies... hehehehe.

1. White Light (8:40)
2. Rapture (5:13)
3. The Greatest Escape - White Shores (7:09)
4. Scream Evil (6:09)
5. Conquering Nocturnity (6:25)
6. Magic Circle - Cloven In Two (7:40)



Rise Above Records Sampler: Poisoned Apples.

This came attached with Classic Rock magazine #181, which is in UK stores now. I literally just bought it for the new Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats track, but it also happened to feature a new Age Of Taurus track which confirms their debut album is still forthcoming! Good stuff. Anyway, tracklist and link below.

2013 - Poisoned Apples

1. Cathedral - Tower Of Silence (6:51)
2. Astra - Quake Meat (6:39)
3. Purson - Spiderwoods Farms (5:09)
4. Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats - Poison Apples (4:17)
5. Hidden Masters - Into The Nights (3:31)
6. Saturnalia - Winchester Towns (7:57)
7. Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Red Admiral, Black Sunrise (7:04)
8. Troubled Horse - One Step Closer To My Grave (4:07)
9. Rog & Pip - Why Won't You Do What I Want (2:43)
10. Sheavy - Pictures Of You (5:01)
11. Age Of Taurus - Embrace The Stone (8:01)
12. Septic Tank - The Slaughter (2:31)
13. Moss - Horrible Night (10:54)