Marble Chariot.

I'm wanting to keep at least a weekly presence with new posts. I am, however, still withholding from posting everything I'd like to share all at once just to guarantee that I always have something cool to put you people on. There is so much good free music these days... sometimes it feels almost unfair not to acknowledge it all. But my intention here is only to please my tastes and to highlight those artistic endeavours I can personally connect to and genuinely enjoy thoroughly.

Anyway, this post is about 'Marble Chariot' from Bordeaux, France. They play a melancholy style of Traditional Doom Metal, thematically similar to Pallbearer yet distinctly different musically. For a first release I thought it revealed a sophisticated  level of song writing. You are given time to enjoy musicianship and let the vocals hook you into the vibe and melody of the songs. If a full length album is on the way, expect something monolithic. They've already shown a lot more than potential.  

2013 - The Burden Is So Heavy... [EP]

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