Almost a week late on this one. In fairness however I only got round to signing up a Bandcamp fan account yesterday and only caught sight of this then. Tentacle, a side-project of the relentless Ice Dragon dudes, is finally out with an LP length release. I really dug their Void Abyss EP from last year and although I've only just given the new release a quick stream on Bandcamp it already sounds even better.

Tentacle play with an otherworldly dirge, wailing vocals and subtle Sabbathian-plod melodies. I just imagine this is exactly what those reptilian space aliens that David Icke is always on about would listen to, maybe not on Earth, but definitely on a spaceship. In all seriousness though, to me, they've tapped into quite a unique vibe with this project so give it your time and possibly your money!

2012 - Void Abyss [EP]

2013 - Ingot Eye

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