Left forgotten in a basement in Chicago (USA) for over 35 years, Medusa's only recorded output finally sees the light of day. While satanic imagery is adopted for the artwork you don't get anything as heavy as Sabbath. Instead the songs are proto-metal with lots of rock/folk/prog influence, all appropriate for the era. 

The LP spans improvisational jams, ballads and your usual heavy rockers displaying Medusa's versatility and helping to create a genuinely thorough album experience. Just an honest shame there isn't more on it's way..

1975 - First Step Beyond

1. Strangulation (3:39)
2. Transient Amplitude (9:17)
3. Frustration's Foot (7:52)
4. Temptress (4:46)
5. Feelings of Indifference (4:20)
6. Black Wizard (6:07)
7. Unknown Fear (6:38)



Iron Heel.

This only came out yesterday and apart from the sometimes clicky bass drum, it's absolute heaven. It has a very traditional doom metal feel to it, while also maintaining a crossover, stoner element to it's vibe. That all said, apart from a few surprises everything is kept in a Vitus like pace. I guess it kind of reminds me of Goatsnake or Serpent Venom with the big heavy riffs and powerful vocalist.

It has been a good while since I've heard riffs truly as heavy as these whilst remaining incredibly groovy throughout. As a first release proper release (y'know, not a demo), Iron Heel establish both maturity with a genuine love and understanding of the cavernous riff. 

2013 - Book Of Grief