Desertfest London 2013.

If you actually want something resembling an account of this event, I'd set my sights over at The Obelisk instead, with proper coverage of Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This is me just sharing some thoughts and enthusiasm for some of the bands. 

My festival itinerary over the three days;

Friday: Kadavar, Hexvessel, Yawning Man, Mars Red Sky, Black Moth, Crystal Head

Saturday:  Unida, Wo Fat, Pagan Altar, Lowrider, Turbowolf, Chron Goblin

Sunday: Pentagram, Cough, Witch Mountain, Truckfighters, Belzebong, Naam, Victor Griffin's In-Graved, Glowsun

I caught Elder just a few days before this festival and had such a good time I find it absolutely appropriate to register my delight. That Nick DiSalvo guy was so clean with his guitar work it became stupid at times. Never pass up a chance to see Elder if you can. NEVER.

Anyway, Friday was generally a lukewarm affair not having much affinity for anyone but Kadavar. Yawning Man was more fun than expected, but being familiar with their material made it much easier to enjoy their set. Black Moth where my surprise act, heavy doom rock riffs aided by powerful vocals - check out a single here

Saturday opening bands were okay, not bad. Lowrider was quite good but definitely could've been a tiny bit tighter, though this is all excusable with the lack of live experience and the decade long hiatus. Pagan Altar's Alan Jones was just absurd on the guitar, an overwhelming assault of NWOBHM guitar lead goodness. Wo Fat brought thunderous groove with their jammed out vibe. As for Unida? I don't even think their stuff is that strong... but vocal power of John Garcia for the first time won me over pretty much instantly. Definitely will have to make it out for Vista Chino when they come around.

The last day started pretty well with Glowsun and then Victor Griffin's In-Graved (pictured above). The venue was criminally under populated for the latter. I mean, he is the guitarist on all those classic Pentagram albums after all!! Also, Belzebong ended their set with a new song which sounded pretty awesome and  confirms some new music beyond 'Dungeon Vultures' will be forthcoming. But days highlight definitely has to be Pentagram. The new guitarist delivered and it was great to hear some new (but old) songs in the setlist!


Age Of Taurus.

With their first full length out on Rise Above Records coming in just over a month I thought it only appropriate to help aide the deserved anticipation. Much like Hour of 13 there is plenty of Doom Metal influence around this band's sound. However, the real debt musically does lie within the much broader world of Heavy Metal. 

The whole vibe of the release is pretty corny... but this isn't done unconsciously, it is embraced fully by the band and they definitely prosper for it. Just like HBO's representation of Game of Thrones captures the imagination as some 'Ye Olde England' fantasyland, this really could be considered the musical equivalent. Tales of gore, pillaged villages and merciless warriors. Don't let this underplay the musical quality either, some of the tempo shifts, chorus riffs and lead work are literally faultless.

In regard to getting this on some physical format, I guess the band have some tapes left and can be contacted on their Facebook page. Otherwise, no other way to get your hands on this apart from digitally! 

I'll cut loose your body but I'm keeping your head...

2010 - In The Days Of The Taurean Empire [Demo/EP]

1. Unto The Hour Of The Dead (6:08)
2. Unborn Destroyer (5:24)
3. Barren (4:40)
4. The Age Of Taurus (7:07)



Black Sabbath - God Is Dead?

Single from the upcoming Black Sabbath album. I won't say much more than that. But really, just go listen to the latest Count Raven album instead. You're just doing yourself a disservice listening to this. Very weak stuff.


Valkyrie - Mountain Stomp.

Awfully late on this. But nevermind! Valkyrie are definitely one of my favourite bands. Their love of driving melodies, NWOBHM plods and duelling guitars along with powerful, groovy riffs leaves me powerless to resist. This is just a new/previously unreleased? song, for a 7" with Earthling, with both bands hailing from Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. You can still get the spilt from Earthling and Tension Head.


From The Vaults: CoM Edition.

A new Church of Misery music video, which also happens to be a new song from Thy Kingdom Scum. Pretty sure this is going to be widely acknowledged as a musical peak for them - so far, so good.

But the point of this post is to reinforce what I have on the right of the page, you know, where it says support your underground. Sure, it is a preachy, condescending sort of message.. but I mean it with the best of intentions. I thought the best way to genuinely encourage people is to show that I also try to do my part. In addition it means a chance to show all the bits you pick up along the way. This time we have some promo material, French tour poster and a set list from the CoM Halloween show I attended back in 2006 with Sourvein, The Ocean and Olde Crone. Not a bad line-up eh? 



Why have so many Doom Metal bands who resemble the "finished article" just emerged from the abyss? It strikes me as a very strange phenomenon. Last year it was Pilgrim - they unleashed Misery Wizard without prior fanfare and on a Metal Blade imprint no less! In similar fashion this post is here to tell you about another "finished article", Australia's Zodiac.  Only released as a demo there is certainly an air of maturity which just exudes from these 24 minutes. The songs plod along and slowly but surely entwine you with musical and vocal hooks. 

While this release certainly edges towards the more traditionally minded Doom fan I think there is plenty for those who aren't particularly into that side of the genre to enjoy. Which reminds me, if you like this keep your eyes peeled for Chile's Procession, they have new album coming out in the next few weeks!

2013 - Zodiac [Demo]