From The Vaults: CoM Edition.

A new Church of Misery music video, which also happens to be a new song from Thy Kingdom Scum. Pretty sure this is going to be widely acknowledged as a musical peak for them - so far, so good.

But the point of this post is to reinforce what I have on the right of the page, you know, where it says support your underground. Sure, it is a preachy, condescending sort of message.. but I mean it with the best of intentions. I thought the best way to genuinely encourage people is to show that I also try to do my part. In addition it means a chance to show all the bits you pick up along the way. This time we have some promo material, French tour poster and a set list from the CoM Halloween show I attended back in 2006 with Sourvein, The Ocean and Olde Crone. Not a bad line-up eh? 

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