Why have so many Doom Metal bands who resemble the "finished article" just emerged from the abyss? It strikes me as a very strange phenomenon. Last year it was Pilgrim - they unleashed Misery Wizard without prior fanfare and on a Metal Blade imprint no less! In similar fashion this post is here to tell you about another "finished article", Australia's Zodiac.  Only released as a demo there is certainly an air of maturity which just exudes from these 24 minutes. The songs plod along and slowly but surely entwine you with musical and vocal hooks. 

While this release certainly edges towards the more traditionally minded Doom fan I think there is plenty for those who aren't particularly into that side of the genre to enjoy. Which reminds me, if you like this keep your eyes peeled for Chile's Procession, they have new album coming out in the next few weeks!

2013 - Zodiac [Demo]


  1. I've got this on tape ... and I love it!

    1. Nice, did you get it straight from the band or order off of Shadow Kingdom?

    2. I did, yeah. Shadow Kingdom is great.

      The band left a message on their facebook saying: "The tape is sold out from us until further notice. Thank you very much. Copies are still available from Nuclear Blood & No Patience in Australia, and are either available or will be shortly from Shadow Kingdom, Hells Headbangers, I Hate Records & At War With False Noise."