This one is so hot off the presses at the time of writing one of the songs still has a digital glitch on the bandcamp, which is fair enough, it was only released two days ago! So this is a a band from the Land of Oz (I'm talking Kansas dudes...). Anyway, unlike Zodiac who had a series of tunes or whatever behind them to fuel my continued interest (they actually are from the land of Oz), Snowchild had originally uploaded a few demo tracks, or maybe even just one single demo track up on Bandcamp. I can't even re-call but it was at least a year ago now. 

So the first thing that struck me about Snowchild was the vocals that sounded so much like that Vol. 4 Ozzy that I was already pretty softened up.. but I also noticed some definite quality in the musicianship and composition. But holy fuck, these guys have put out a unbelievably mature and explorative Doom Metal record. The use of synths are incredibly well deployed and won't leave you feeling like you're listening to what to some now sounds like dated cheese - I am of course speaking in reference to "Who are you?" off Sabotage. The drumming is very tasteful, actual fills and some style behind the kit going on. The guitar has a displays an impressive level of subtlety and variety too. No mention about the bass because I've just noticed I've spun this twice over without it turned up on my speakers.... idiot. 

Four songs clocking in at 40 minutes. Held my attention on repeated listens.. would not at all be surprised to see this ultimately re-released on Svart or StB or some shit like that. This deserves the turntable treatment, no doubt.


The power of the riff compels me...

After several months without a laptop, the one I bought had the soundcard fuck up. However, it's now finally back for good. The dude at Lenovo obviously thought I was some prick who hadn't tried to fuck about with my drivers/software, but whatever. Promises of more regular posts will now be fulfilled. If anyone has another of them 'power of the riff' stickers they are willing to let go.. holla.

ps. Wu-Tang is forever baby.