Ladies Of Leisure

The blog isn't dead and updates will, EVENTUALLY, become more frequent. This is an absolute promise. Life has been fairly absurd these past few months and it continues. I'm currently laying on my front in some kind of Sex in the City blog writing pose as my leg has been numb from sciatica a few days now and sitting up causes me searing pain. I was greedy in the gym after (again) reaching my PR strength wise and went on to do a drop set... stupid, stupid shit.

Back to the jams though,  this album is really good and it does surprise me it's continued to fly under the radar as it has. The first song is just doomy perfection in my mind, Sabbathian plods, hypnotic but catchy vocals and a good sense of fuzzing out in general. Ladies of Leisure have that funny thing going on where they seem to exist in that ambiguous space between Metal and Hard Rock. The entire record has a really fun sense of melody and rock'n'roll which I always like. I'd say it's almost like a more Doom Metal orientated Stoner Rock album. Worth your ear chap/ettes,