Demon Head.

I'm not completely smitten with this release. It's a little dull in places.. and lacks a tiny bit of direction at moments. However, the self-titled song is particularly good - you fill up an album with 8 or 9 tracks of that quality and it will be on rotation for years to come. Demon Head are, sorta, doing an up-beat Witchcraft kind of thing. It definitely has more identity than saying that would suggest, but it does give you quite a good idea of the music.

Demon Head actually have a great chance of releasing something I'd genuinely consider to be an all time classic. The demo gives you get a real feel for the potential. But, similarly, with it being a demo not everything is completely there yet. I'm only being this harsh because I genuinely sense far greater things are to come from this Copenhagen bunch.

2014 - Demo


Sun Shepherd.

Unfortunately, life has gotten way of updates recently. But on the music front I’m waiting for shiny new albums from The Wizar’d and Demon Eye to come through my door. Similarly, I was able to enjoy some live action from Lowrider and Dozer just a few days back. So whilst I have neglected my AD duties I made sure I got my fix. I ain’t no fool.

Anyway, considering it’s been so long since a proper update, I’m quite spoiled for choice in what I’d like to share. In the end, I settled on going back down under for a slab of modern yet traditionally rooted Doom Metal. Originally released back in 2011 but now presented to us with a bonus track and new artwork is Sun Shepherd’s ‘Procession of Trampling Hoof’. I won’t say much more, but they’ve definitely done pretty well in their aim of trying to capture some tectonic-plate heaviness. Enjoy.

2014 - Procession of Trampling Hoof