Demon Head.

I'm not completely smitten with this release. It's a little dull in places.. and lacks a tiny bit of direction at moments. However, the self-titled song is particularly good - you fill up an album with 8 or 9 tracks of that quality and it will be on rotation for years to come. Demon Head are, sorta, doing an up-beat Witchcraft kind of thing. It definitely has more identity than saying that would suggest, but it does give you quite a good idea of the music.

Demon Head actually have a great chance of releasing something I'd genuinely consider to be an all time classic. The demo gives you get a real feel for the potential. But, similarly, with it being a demo not everything is completely there yet. I'm only being this harsh because I genuinely sense far greater things are to come from this Copenhagen bunch.

2014 - Demo

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