First of all, cheers for bearing with the undeclared hiatus. Not that you could do anything about it anyway... but thank you all the same. I'm back for good, if more infrequently than before. Desertfest London begins tomorrow, so expect some photos/thoughts on that sooner rather than later. In other news Shadow Kingdom Records will be re-issuing Salvation's Answer by Revelation at the end of April, I've always considered it a classic and so should you!! Finally, I'd check out the new 12" spilt between "primitive Doom Metal" acts Atomic Cries and Horse Latitudes out now on Doomentia Records.

Today I present Deep. Three piece from Finland playing raw traditional doom that just drips authenticity from the riffs and melancholy leads. It does simple things very well and again.. another band with particular potential I feel. Best enjoyed in isolation.

PS. Shout out to Fabian and the engineering office of Derby Cycle!

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