Age Of Taurus.

With their first full length out on Rise Above Records coming in just over a month I thought it only appropriate to help aide the deserved anticipation. Much like Hour of 13 there is plenty of Doom Metal influence around this band's sound. However, the real debt musically does lie within the much broader world of Heavy Metal. 

The whole vibe of the release is pretty corny... but this isn't done unconsciously, it is embraced fully by the band and they definitely prosper for it. Just like HBO's representation of Game of Thrones captures the imagination as some 'Ye Olde England' fantasyland, this really could be considered the musical equivalent. Tales of gore, pillaged villages and merciless warriors. Don't let this underplay the musical quality either, some of the tempo shifts, chorus riffs and lead work are literally faultless.

In regard to getting this on some physical format, I guess the band have some tapes left and can be contacted on their Facebook page. Otherwise, no other way to get your hands on this apart from digitally! 

I'll cut loose your body but I'm keeping your head...

2010 - In The Days Of The Taurean Empire [Demo/EP]

1. Unto The Hour Of The Dead (6:08)
2. Unborn Destroyer (5:24)
3. Barren (4:40)
4. The Age Of Taurus (7:07)


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