I'm having trouble keeping up with all the new releases at the moment, literally overwhelming. Glad Electric Wizard seem to have gotten their shit together again finally though. But in particular pleased Valkyrie have been signed by Relapse (along with new album!). This -should- mean they tour Europe which would be amazing.

But back to business and just out of the blue - only released a few days ago, is Громкость by MØR. No idea what this means, so feel free to enlighten me. The music kinda falls more in the hard rock side of things, but has enough other bits and bobs going on.. kraut rock moments, sabbathian plods and I guess what you could call some sludge influence. The final track is also easily one of the best EyeHateGod covers I've heard in a very long time too. They definitely sound very mature musically, just the ideas with the execution. That perfect balance between heavy riff and bluesy lead. In fact, my only complaint is that it feels I'm only listening to half an album - it's all over too soon!