EDIT: Just reposting to give this more exposure!

How these guys have remained unnoticed for so long I honestly cannot fathom. Considering you've got labels like Nuclear Blast picking up both Witchcraft and Graveyard, you'd of thought there would of been some interest around an emerging band as quality as this one.

Anyway.. there is essentially no information on this band to be found apart from their stated Russian origin. This is at it's simplest hard rock with a large dose of that proto-Metal flavour (Deep Purple, Leaf Hound, etc). The vocalist might not be to everyone's taste but has a truly powerful range and an undeniable character. The music is catchy (the 2nd song especially) and the musicianship doesn't let you down. Astral Doom demands a full length!

2011 - 101 [Demo/EP]

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