So, describing the sound of this Memphis, Tennesee (USA) band isn't the most straightforward of things. However, I don't have any doubt however it fits very much within the realm of this blog. It's kinda like Rwake, but not really either. The overwhelming reason Rwake even came to mind was the gloomy nature of music, it's organic sounding production and the use of multiple vocalists. Treeburner have quite a lot more going on, there definitely isn't a strict influence carrying the entire release but for the aforementioned gloomy vibe. It's all left quite subtle however, left to suffocate under its own themes.

I don't expect wide appreciation for an act like this, merely because whilst they adopt influences from different genres it remains genuinely unique to their own expression. But nevermind that, this is quality stuff. 

2013 - Treeburner [EP]

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