Earth's return with the old American West soundscapes of Hex was widely recognized as success. However, plenty still murmured about the lack of low-end which had once dominated previous their previous releases. I didn't necessarily mind either way, it was a stunning set of songs.

Limited to 500 copies and recorded in New York in the same year as its release, what we have here is a completely organic experience of Hex. Is it because the drums are seem fuller, with more echo? The symbols brasher? Is it the groan and drone of the amplifiers? I don't think I can personally put a finger on it. But something kept me coming back to this over the studio recording time after time. See what you think.  

2006 - Live Hex: In A Large City On The North American Continent

Disc 1

1. Plague Of Angels (14:47)
2. Ouroboros Is Broken/Coda Maestoso In Fb Minor (11:10)
3. Raiford (8:41)
4. Inquest Concerning Teeth (7:13)
5. Lens Of Unrectified Night (9:21)
6. Other Ghost-Like Symptoms (9:13)
7. Land Of Some Other Order (9:57)

Disc 2

1. Dire And Ever-Circling Wolves (9:05)
2. Divine And Bright (5:11)


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