This is mere formality. If you've not acquainted yourself with Denmark's Doublestone yet, now is your chance! They've just put their album up for a name your price download (with the 12" 180g vinyl available here). I was still enjoying the s/t EP they had put out earlier in the year and so didn't expect to see a full-length so quickly. Truth be told, I'm listening it from start to finish for the first time right now. You're going to like this.

Doublestone hit a really nice balance between that retro hard rock sound we're already familiar with (Brutus, Kadavar, Graveyard) whilst throwing in some proto-doom leanings (Burning Saviours, early-Pentragram, Witchcraft) which make them eminently listenable.

2013 - Doublestone [EP]

2013 - Wingmakers

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