I should of really done something cool for Halloween on the blog but, bleeeeeurgh, it didn't even come into my mind. Thankfully, Zodiac, who had previously featured on the blog put out a new song to mark the occasion. It's a little more melodic than their previous output, but still outstandingly good.

Moving on, considering the amount of 'typical doom' stuff I'd been sharing I thought it time to delve back into some stuff with hardcore/sludge tendencies. Consequently, I present Sunburster. The artwork is really killer for just a tape release. The music is exceptionally well crafted too. There is a somewhat angular quality to the riffs.. but that seems an inappropriate description when what you get is something akin to early Cro-Mags playing Sleep riffs. The drummer also is distinctly talented with some really elegant and sophisticated touches in the way he plays. If you like Eyehategod, Brainoil and groove, you'll feel instantly at home. Don't sleep on it...! 

2012 - Sunburster [EP]

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