Dual Split Attack!

Iron Witch & The Atrocity Exhibit 7" Split

This isn’t the first time me and Withered Hand Records have crossed paths... the last time, maybe around 6-7 years ago was when I uploaded his band's album, Among The Missing, onto KerrazY Torrents (synonymous with the Metal Community at the time). Fair play to the guy, just asked for a link for where to purchase the badboy as well as offering to include a live video with it! Anyway, it gives me pleasure to let you know about a new 7” with two UK acts he’s putting out, Iron Witch and The Atrocity Exhibition.

The Cosmic Dead & Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 12" Split

The Old Noise are putting out their very first release, ltd to 300 copies. The Cosmic Dead hail themselves "Scotland's foremost Hawkwind tribute band", as for Pigs x7? They're a little more difficult to pigeon hole.. but imagine a little hardcore, a little stoner rock and a little Electric Wizard  drone pieced together in some kind of disfigured jigsaw. It's good shit.  

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