Down Under Doom.

The amount of quality releases that Australia has produced in the last 24 months is impressive;  just consider the new album from Clagg or the Milkmaids, The EP's from Motherslug, Sumeru and Zodiac. In addition to all of that you've also still have the vinyl for now (compact disc out in early 2014The Wizar'd's Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge. Consequently, it was straight forward to do a little regional feature, enjoy! 

Lizzard Wizzard - 2013 - Lizzard Wizzard

With the strength and penetration of an adamantium boner, I present you Lizzard Wizzard. The songs all feature some kind of low-intellect stoner humour which is totally awesome. Come with me / Ten thousand leagues / Under the T.H.Sea / Fuck your swim coach / And fucking choke / On this gnarly roach. Sound wise they kinda remind me of a Doom orientated Wo Fat with hardcore vox. Bust out your bongs and pizza slices.

Sun Of Man - 2013 - I

If you dig Colour Haze, Sungrazer.. or anything of that ilk it's pretty certain you'll fall in love with this band. LOTS of drum fills, heavy stoner riffs and kraut-rock explorations. Just listen yourself and let yourself become infatuated with the jams. Peace!  

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